In-House Processing

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Processing Experts

Superior Spring offers a wide variety of heat treating, cleaning, and testing processes that are controlled under our AS9100 and Nadcap certifications. Our Nadcap certified heat treating facility has ovens that are capable of temperatures up to 1,400°F. We also have our own in-house Nadcap certified Passivation facility to offer nitric-acid passivation, corrosion testing and alkaline cleaning. This saves our customers time and money by cutting down on lead times and increasing your ROI.

Our clean, efficient, state-of-the-art facility is designed specifically for the processing of aerospace and medical components.

List of In-House Processes we offer

Along with all of our in house processes we are also able to offer the following outside services from our Approved Supplier List from over 150+ companies:

If there are any special processes not listed, please reach out and we will be able to assist you.

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